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Manufacturers of Custom Commercial and Residential Metal Roofing, Cladding and Flashing

Our people handle your metal flashing and roofing concerns and needs so you don’t have to worry. Our entire team averages double-digit experience in this industry, and is able to process orders ranging from verbal descriptions and napkin drawings to autoCAD designs and 3D renderings.

Trimet is the only light gauge manufacturer in Western Canada audited annually by the International Standards Organization. The ISO 9001 certificate we proudly receive year after year assures you that we are held to the highest standards of manufacturing process, quality assurance, material integrity, and excellence.

Metal Roofing & Cladding

Whether you are keeping water off a roof for a lifetime, closing a building envelope with a stylish clean approach, or cladding a site structure for the last time, we have the right profile for your needs.

Custom Design

We frequently work with architects, designers, engineers, and installers to solve special project needs with innovative, creative, spectacular, and visually stunning solutions. 

Home to our most skilled professionals, the Custom Design Area specializes in tackling unknowns to help close envelopes effectively while doing it with style.

Custom Flashing

We manufacture custom metal flashing with speed, service, and accuracy. Our ERP-based operation delivers on time, every time. With Trimet, you’re not worried about your crews waiting around for metal. We have the largest fleet of computerized brakes in Western Canada, and offer single and double bending beam equipment as well as press brakes, in a variety of lengths up to 21 feet long.

Steel Stud

Trimet structural steel studs are made in a variety of flange widths and steel thicknesses to meet different applications.

There are two types of cold-cormed steel C-Studs:
Structural: Axial loadbearing and wind bearing (ALS)
Non-Structural: Interior non-loadbearing (NLB)