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Snap Lock

A great utilitarian panel, providing the added protection of hidden fasteners while permitting faster installation with its snap-down seam and a nail/screw fastening strip. Snap lock panels combine the long clean visual lines of mechanical lock with the ease and speed of installing exposed fastener panels. Available with strengthening ribs and striations, for aesthetic uniqueness and additional strength.

Available in 26 ga and 24 ga

Profiles 1” Rib Height – Exposure Options – 11.75” 15.75” 19.75”


1. Recommended ROOF installation over a solid substrate with:


Synthetic Underlayment


Ice and water Shield High Temp

NOTE: Check the manufacture’s underlayment specifications to ensure compatibility with metal.

2. Minimum ROOF Slope 3/12 or Greater for 1” High Rib

Trimet offers an option to have the panels notch to allow the installer to hook the eave edge rather than screwing down the face of the panel.

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