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Mechanical Lock

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Highly suitable for both commercial and residential projects, mechanical lock provide great durability, weather protection, and are aesthetically pleasing.

Mechanical lock standing seam roof panels, also known as mechanically seamed, is the highest quality, longest lasting metal roofing product we manufacture. It is designed to provide the best protection against all elements and is virtually maintenance free. This type of metal roofing performs exceptionally well on all roof lines, even low sloped roofs with a pitch no less than 2/12. Mechanical lock roofing panels are available in galvalume, painted steel, aluminum, copper and even real zinc. Some paint finishes can carry up to a 40 year warranty.

What makes mechanical lock roofing systems so durable and pleasing to the eye? The panels are installed and crimped onsite by either hand crimping tools or by an automatic seamer to produce a seamless roofline, free of apparent screws and fasteners. This process forms a watertight seam, protecting the building envelope from extreme rain, snow, wind, and hail. Suitable for any type of climate! To create a unique aesthetic look with added rigidity, panels can be made with strengthening ribs.

Customized to Suit Your Needs

Mechanically seamed metal roofing panels can be custom ordered in any length and are available in a variety of colors. Certain colours can even provide energy cost savings!

Roofing panels can be manufactured from:


26, 24 or 22 gauge gavalume or prepainted steel







Available in the following profiles:


1” Rib Height Profile: exposure option of 13.25”, 17.25” or 21.25” (for an application of a minimum 3/12 roof slope)


1.5” Rib Height Profile: exposure option of 12.25”, 16.25” or 20.25” (for an application of a minimum 2/12 roof slope)

As an option, panels can be customized with notches allowing them to be hooked on to the eave’s edge, rather than screwing through the face of the panel.


It is recommended to install mechanically seamed panels over a solid substrate along with an ice and water shield (high temperature) underlayment or a synthetic underlayment for additional condensation protection. Please check with the manufacture’s underlayment specifications to ensure its compatibility with metal prior to installation.

Hidden Fasteners

We offer two types of concealed clips to adhere the mechanical lock panels to the roof deck: fixed and floating. Fixed clips are quick and easy to install and are recommended for shorter panels. Floating clips, though more labour intensive to install, can reduce the appearance of oil canning by allowing the panel to move with expansion and contraction. Floating clips are a great option for longer panels.

Mechanical Lock Illustration

* Install all roofing and siding materials according to your local building codes

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